Meet Rebekah…

Rebekah is a native Clevelander who is a recent transplant to the Washington D.C. area. She is a cancer genetic counselor and enjoys pumpkin spice lattes, office supplies, and watching Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. Her favorite foods are lasagna, chicken tortilla soup, and bell peppers. She is a member of the Run With The Winners running club and is looking to join a yoga studio in DC (recommendations welcome!).

Meet Amy…

Amy is also a native Clevelander, minus four years spent living and learning at The Ohio Sate University in Columbus, Ohio (Go Bucks!).  Amy is a clinical dietitian, which means she does fun things like calculate calorie and protein needs and tube feeding goal rates.  Some of her favorite things include golden retrievers, coffee, wine, veggies, and watching OSU football.  She currently enjoys running and group fitness classes and is excited to be finally getting out of her boring gym contract to join a new bigger one with, wait for it, LOTS OF CLASSES!

About our friendship…

Rebekah and Amy became friends while suffering through attempting to master honors physics and getting lost at NHS events in high school. Their friendship is built on a love of Cleveland, the Ohio State Buckeyes, running, and the willingness to try new recipes!

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