Weekly workouts….thinking outside the box

Since I am new to the DC area, I’ve told myself I’ll step out of my comfort zone and go to things friends invite me to that I may not normally attend because I need to try new things and meet new people.  Well last week the new activity was square dancing, and it was an adventure! I wasn’t sure what to expect since I have never been square dancing before (also I’m pretty sure there is nowhere that hosts square dances in Cleveland), but it was a really great time!

The dance caller would give step-by-step instructions for each dance with a quick walk-through before the band would play and he would call the dance steps to the beat. It made it easy to catch on as a first-time square dancer and I was surprised at how many people I met throughout the night were first-timers too. What surprised me the most though, was how much of a workout the evening was! The initial dance instructions were given slowly, but once the band started to play you were moving nonstop for several minutes.

Things I learned from that night: 1) square dancing is a lot more fun than it is made out to be; and 2) you don’t always have to be in the gym to get a workout in!

I would love to hear what types of “non-traditional” workouts you do to switch things up from the usual gym routine!

Enjoy your weekend,


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